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Our project culminated with the production of a whitepaper, “Recommendations for Improving the Wayfinding Experience in The Boston Home,” delivered to our collaborators at The Boston Home and their CEO. The paper:

  1. Frames the problem;
  2. Provides information on prior interventions at The Boston Home;
  3. Outlines our research process;
  4. Details general information about residents of the home and lists three possible resident personas to consider in future design work;
  5. Outlines design principles future interventions should uphold: independence, safety, perceptibility, intuitiveness, and homeyness;
  6. Suggests wayfinding interventions at a variety of pricepoints that focus on learning, remembering, and feeling, as per Eckhard Feddersen’s theories detailed in Lost in Space : Architecture and Dementia;
  7. Provides considerations for future work.