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Telling the Soofa story

Refreshing the Soofa website to reflect a change in direction.


Smart-city sustainable tech start-up Soofa was founded in 2014 out of the MIT Media Lab by three female engineers and entrepreneurs. When I arrived at Soofa in Summer 2018, the company had begun phasing out its founding product to focus on the Soofa Sign, a platform for community content and digital advertisements in the real world made possible by solar power and electronic paper technology.

Soofa needed their web presence to reflect this shift, and to support them in their new goals.


The goals of this redesign were to:

  1. Streamline storytelling to focus on Soofa’s present and future, instead of its past and
  2. Generate marketing and landowner leads for potential Soofa Sign clients.

  3. Highlight Soofa Sign’s black and white electronic paper technology.

  4. Improve SEO and web accessibility.
The revamped soofa sitemap.