Scaling a design system

Building and evolving a multi-brand design system through team growth, mergers, and product integrations.

Founded and scaled multi-brand design system through growth of design team from 10 to 50, two mergers, and multiple product integrations.

Onboarded new team members to design system team and evangelized system with cross-functional collaborators.


Founded a design system
Drove adoption across a growing design team (10 to 50 designers)
Extensibility, scalability, sustainability


Livongo Health was a startup operating with a high-growth mindset — and its products showed it. The visual language and user experience across and within Livongo products became inconsistent and drifted over time, but the product team was looking to change that.

More challenges

After a few short months working on the Livongo design system, the company was acquired by Teladoc Health.

Teladoc Health did not yet have a design system in place and sought to leverage work from Livongo and expand it to suit the broader needs of the Teladoc Health organization.

A much larger company, Teladoc needed a more mature design system to accommodate:
    • A large suite of products
    • Multiple user groups, including members, providers, and administrators
    • Multiple technology platforms, including web, native mobile, TV, and medical devices
    • International operations
    • Multiple in-house brands
    • White-labeling products for other brands


Tooling migrations
Multiple rebrands, mergers, acquisitions, and product integrations
Adoption across multiple technology platforms
Additional product requirements (white-labeling, internationalization, compliance, accessibility, multiple audiences, multiple color modes)


Extensible, scalable
Increase speed of execution


Competitive analysis
Building a multi-disciplinary team and ways of working
Workshops and user research (system architecture, usability, support models, etc.)